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Gentlemen don't ask about the details of biological processes, but doctors do and it's a very narrow thing that he doesn't end up asking what she means by that in a more personal sense. Lucky for him that she gives him a list to focus on. "I mean, it's not like this place really offers the support for that kind of thing." He wonders if Liv and Major would still be zombies here, but that just brings an ache of wishing that they were here so he could find out.

"You're still pretty incredible, immortal or not," Ravi tells her, seeing as he's come to appreciate her company more than just about anyone else around them.

Helen smiled a bit at that, strangely shy. It wasn't in her nature to be shy, normally, but when the compliment came from someone she cared about she somehow managed to revert to the woman she'd been at the bottom of the 19th century instead of the thoroughly modern woman she was now.

"Well, I happen to think you're fairly incredible yourself, Ravi. I suppose like finds like, yes?"

"We are both scientists dealing with the odd," Ravi admits, "we both have a healthy appetite for sex without having needed to let complications get in the way. Bonus points for us, for not turning it into high school melodrama." He could go on and on, but he feels like actions will speak louder than words, so he leans in to kiss her, trying not to let them get bogged down on the too-serious. Not really for her, but more for him, he's appalling when it comes to that.
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Name: Ravi Chakrabarti
Canon: iZombie
Scrubs Color: Black
Visible Age: 30
Gender: Male
Height: 6'3
Physique: Lean
Complexion: South Asian
Hygiene: Extremely well kept, given that he is a medical doctor and slightly prone to wariness about biological diseases
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Defining Marks: n/a
Accent/Speech: Camden British accent
Bearing/Demeanor: Slightly goofy and not entirely graceful, Ravi isn't an extremely coordinated man, but his hand-eye coordination is incredible and he's not hurting for his geekiness
Gait: Long strides
Habits: Can turn anything into a controlled experiment, has an excellent habit of making very funny quips, Star Wars geek, West Ham fan, and can watch his coworker eat brains
Skills: Medical examiner, experimenter galore, Diablo III mage, Call of Duty captain, and has a plan on how to save the world in the event of total biological warfare